Stay a little longer

For some time now, our baby girl prefers to sleep on our bed instead of hers. The reasons are both because we have a comfortable bed and she likes being with mommy and daddy.

She’ll occupy most of the space available on our Queen sized bed and the wife and I stay on the brink of falling off to our doom.

Yesterday my wife told me she hasn’t had a good nights sleep in a while and it might be because baby girl keeps kicking or pushing her. So I said I’ll sleep in baby girl’s room, which my daughter loves. I’ll sleep on the floor next to her bed and 95% of the time, she’ll sleep next to me on the floor.

When I woke up at 5:15am this morning to leave for work, baby girl lifts her head up and asks “where are you going, daddy?” I told her I was leaving for work and as soon as I finished that sentence, she started crying. She kept saying “Please stay a little longer. Please stay home today!” She kept repeating it over and over again and nothing I said was good enough for her. So I carried her to our room and set her on our bed next to my wife and assured her that mommy was gonna keep her company and I’ll pick her up from daycare right after work. But she still kept saying “please stay a little longer with me!” Every time she said that, it hit me right in the feels so I stayed a little longer, lay beside her a little longer, and ran my fingers through her hair until she calmed down. I explained why daddy had to go to work; that I was doing it for her and I promised to go straight to her as soon as I was done.

Stay a little longer with your loved ones. Especially when they wholeheartedly just want your company. Spend time with the ones who pay attention to you when you’re in front of them instead of those who are constantly on their phones when you’re directly in front of them. Time is precious, but what’s more precious is who you spend it with.

“time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” Theophrastus

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