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img_2499At the cottage today, I approached my wife and told her we needed to talk. I started by saying, “I think I’m depressed…”.

I began the conversation by talking about how much I feel I’m missing out on many adventures, especially running ones and how I missed running almost everyday up until last year.

She said she understood especially with how quickly everything happened for us. In case you don’t know we’ve been together for almost 3 years. 4 months into the relationship, we found out she was pregnant and we decided to roll with it and we turned out having the most beautiful daughter ever.

We had to grow up real quick and made sure we were responsible in planning ahead for our family. ┬áSo needless to say, we bypassed the “honeymoon phase” and fast-forwarded to the family planning phase, but everything was still great in between.

Even through the pregnancy,I was able to run almost everyday and still have fun. But fast forward to three years later and I run 2 days a week if I’m lucky. Running before work would be difficult because that would mean I would have to run at 2:30am since I wake up at 4:30am for work. Running after work is almost non-existent because I go straight to side-jobs.

All this has gotten me burned out and is really taking its toll on me.

After the talk with my wife, I got a little clarity and made a little more sense of things and what I need to start doing and focus on so I don’t get this feeling again.

Instead of looking at what I’m missing out on, I will look at what I do have. It will be difficult at times and sometimes it still feels hard adjusting to being a family man…and that’s real talk