Steak Panini

FB_IMG_1459013267081Yesterday we were sent home from work early due to a bomb threat at work. I work in construction and all the trades were sent home until the threat was neutralized.

Being around lunch time and after we were able to exit the underground parking, I called my fiancee and told her I was able to get out of the building safely and nothing bad happened. She then asked me if I wanted to pick her up from work and get lunch together. I excitingly said yes and told her I was going to call her when I was outside of her workplace.

When I picked her up we went to a place called Vincentina Fine Foods in Woodbridge to have a delicious steak panini. The drive there was nice. We talked about our day as we were holding hands and just joking around. We had to park further away because the place was busy and parking was scarce, but we both don’t mind walking far. I had my arm around her walking from the truck to the store and it was just a nice feeling to be with her; to be in the moment.

Even though we’ve pretty much lived together since we started dating, have a daughter, and deal with different obstacles “married” life brings, we still enjoy each other’s company. We still love “dating” each other. I for one love our dates. Every time we have a date coming up I tell her one of the things I look forward to is just putting my arms around her and just being together.

Many people will say that when you’re with somebody for a long period of time you just get “comfortable” around each other and the spark is gone. I think that’s false. I think people confuse being comfortable with being complacent in a relationship. Many people get complacent in the relationship thinking they don’t have to try anymore. They don’t think it’s important to proactively do the same things they did for each other when they began dating.

Being complacent makes you takes things for granted. Be comfortable with each other, but don’t be complacent towards each other

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